Join Cheryl Wee as she takes off to Phuket to rejuvenate her mind, body and soul at Phuket Cleanse.

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Cheryl Wee: Phuket Cleanse Pt.1

Cheryl Wee
Actress & Entrepreneur

In 2010, Cheryl Wee became the Spokesperson of Jean Yip Group (Hair, Skincare & Nails), TV & Print. She released her 1st ever single ???????, a catchy and upbeat dance hit which she hopes will spread the true meaning of beauty! This song is also featured in the variety show ?Jean Yip Make My Day?.


The first impression that Chiobu Collective had of Cheryl Wee, the ambassador of Jean Yip was a chirpy, motivated individual who was excited to try new ideas and set them into motion.

For all who follow Cheryl on her social media platform, it is no secret that she is extremely passionate about food, health, and wellness. Hence, in all that the videos that Cheryl has done with Chiobu Collective, it is nothing short of relating to taking care of both mental and physical health.

We sat down with the ambassador of Jean Yip to find out what made her prioritise her health and wellness above all other things.

Cheryl Wee

Q: Hey Cheryl! With the series of videos you have lined up for your viewers, a lot of it seemed to go in the direction of Health & Wellness. Was there a particular incident that made you so health conscious?

A: I have always taken my health and well being for granted. Even though I have studied psychology, I always thought that there was no way I could fall into eating disorder because I have been healthy and well.
What spiraled it was when I went into acting. In the acting industry, I got caught up in wanting to lose weight and tried all kinds of crash diets and juice cleanses by exercising. I didn?t eat and my health took a toil on me. My period stopped, I was depressed and stuff like that. Along my journey to recovery, that inspired and motivated me to go in the health and wellness direction; to spread the word to people to not take your health for granted. When you feel good, you will look good.

It was recognising when being less productive may, in fact, be more productive. As much as you are disciplined in work, you must be disciplined in your rest time as well.

Q: With your busy schedule as an entrepreneur, how do you make time to rejuvenate and heal your body physically, and mentally?

A: When I went Phuket Cleanse, it was because I was going through a roller coaster of emotions especially with the diet, and the exercise and everything. It was recognising when being less productive may in fact be more productive. As much as you are disciplined in work, you must be disciplined in your rest time as well.

I love food a lot, so to de?stress mentally I read food blogs at night. Sometimes, I don?t even read, I just look at the pictures just to blank off. It also helps when you have friends to cheer you on. When I was going through a very dark period, I didn?t want to mix with anyone because I was so fearful that people commented that I put on weight. I think that you must be with very positive people. There must be
synergy and positivity with some people. When that synergy bounces off, it will help with that really helps during that dark period in your life.
Physically, I am on a no sugar August ?but I have fruits. I limit myself to two or three servings a day; and I don?t eat fruits less than one seed. I had an eating disorder before so instead of doing a crash diet, I just entirely cut out dessert and simple carbs. I honestly haven?t lost that much weight, and I a lot feel better because everytime I say no to a dessert, I walk out even stronger as I empower myself to say no.


Q: How do you think ChiobuTV comes in to help growing artists with their craft?

When ChiobuTV first approached me, I wanted to do very food based things, which I did! (And I really want to do more). But I think it is a platform where you can basically do what you like, and just do it! Because there is a group of support, but if I were to do it myself, I might just get deflated and get caught up with the daily grind. But with the right community, they push you even further, and provide full moral support with what I need. With ChiobuTV, I actually stepped out of my comfort zone to do what I like and breaking that daily grind.

Q. In future, what kind of different content can viewers expect from you on ChiobuTV?

I really really love food, and I wanted to do a lot more food based content. I want to dabble in more food reviews. Not just healthy food, but food that tastes good as well. If I can, I would like to do some cooking, interview some top chefs, and teach me a couple of cool tricks that I can share with my viewers as well. My dream is to do a food hosting kind of thing and I can?t wait to explore it on ChiobuTV.

I don?t even mind pairing it with exercise as well. Wellness can come from all aspects; it doesn?t have to come in a class environment per say, I could also try running my first marathon, hikes, yoga classes etc. I want to bring wellness to a more fun like level. Why not you guy give me more suggestions? I would love to explore all these options!


Q: What do you hope to achieve with the series of videos that you have lined up for the launch?

A: When people watch it, the light hearted content is able to help them feel rejuvenated, positive and happy. Knowing that I came from a background of eating disorders, I want my viewers to know that if they feel the same way, they are not alone.

I wouldn?t say that I?m completely okay now. In fact, there are days where I am down, and there are days where I feel better. We are all in this together. I hope to create a community where I not only inspire others but they inspire me as well.

It?s not easy being a girl. I am not saying that being a guy is easy, but speaking from a girl?s perspective, we have our trying times, and we cannot do it alone. The successes we have doesn?t mean anything if we are alone. I want to inspire people to find their best self, because when they do, they are the most beautiful and maximizes to their best potential.