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Priscilla: Three Little Pigs – Chiobu Collective

Cecilia, an introvert preschooler, is selected to represent her school in a storytelling competition. But first, she has to present the story to her classmates. Excited by the opportunity, Cecilia is determined to shine despite the many obstacles in her way.

Priscilla: Three Little Pigs

Priscilla Ang Geck Geck

Ang Geck Geck Priscilla (B.A. NTU, 2012) graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media(ADM) , Nanyang Technology University of Singapore (NTU) majoring in Filmmaking. She is an award-winning?filmmaker. Her debut short film, Broken Crayon received a few accolades and won the Best Short film award in the Singapore Short film Festival 2013. She is also an Alumni of Busan Asian film academy (AFA) as a role of a director . She directed a short film Black Mirror in Korea with 3 other Asian filmmakers.