Don’t know what a felt soap is? Then find out and watch three sisters (Simply for Love) create some very unique felt soaps.



Simply for Love: DIY Felt Soaps

Simply for Love

?Life gets a little busy and pressured sometimes, thus all of us needed that extra lift to get through the day?.

Simply for Love brings the warmth of love by offering handmade, unique goodies that are inspired by colours, patterns and life.

Founded and run by three sisters in 2014, Salinah, Nuraisah & Salehah Zailani; Simply for Love specialises in bespoke felt creations for everyday wear, home decor, weddings and felted natural soaps; as featured in Young Parents magazine (April 2015), Berita Harian (SG) and Berita Harian (Malaysia), Lifestyle and Weddings Magazine (Sept 2015) and Straits Times Life! (2016)

For further information, interview requests or images, please contact:

Name: Salinah Zailani
Phone: 9067-0847
Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @simply4love

1) Please introduce the people behind Simply For Love (e.g. are you doing this full time? do you hold a day job?)

FOUNDER : Salinah Zailani : (admin)
Co-Founder : Siti Nuraisah Zailani (master maker)
Co-Founder : Salehah Zailani : (soap master)

Yes, we run the business full time.

2) What made 3 sisters want to come together to produce unique art pieces?

Our mom is a strong advocate of DIYs and we grew up teaching ourselves about various crafts and home DIYs. We started only making floral accessories. The collection grew into home decor and weddings over the years. The passion we had for arts and crafts propelled us to come together to teach others on the process of making and often get requests for workshops and craft activities. We want to add more colors and cheer to each home.

3) Did you sisters have any sibling rivalry? If yes, how do you resolve it, If no, how do you prevent it?

Not really. We don’t have sibling rivalry per say. Each of us is different in our own ways and we are not competing with each other but support each others? strengths the best we could. Naturally, when we work together everyday, there are debate on some matters but it is quickly resolve with hugs, apologies and kisses. We trash it out, hug it out and move on.

4) Where do you draw your inspiration from to create these pieces?

Each product collection is drawn from our adventures and travels, family and friends, current trends and patterns.

5) For our younger viewers out there, did you receive any formal education in producing these art works? Or if not, how did you go about learning how to do this?

We self-taught ourselves through trials and errors on the process of making, ideas and feedback from master “shifu” (our mom) and customers. We also go to the library and borrow books and be inspired by social media on current trends.

Thank you so much for the opportunity! We are excited for the video!