We love Stephycube’s rendition of Paramore’s Misguided Ghosts! Her puppy Blanket snoozing beside her makes us want to cuddle in our blankets on a rainy afternoon too!

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Stephycube: Misguided Ghosts by Paramore Cover


Singer-songwriter Steph (youtube.com/stephycube) may be a new face to the Singapore?s music scene, but the 21-year-old has taken on public stages in Esplanade and Timbre@Substation, among other places to share her music. She was in NOISE Singapore?s The Music Mentorship 2015 under the guidance of veteran musician and Radio DJ, Vanessa Fernandez, a.k.a. Vandetta. Under her tutelage, Steph grew more comfortable with her own voice in both lyric and song, and continues to pen originals and perform at various events. . Though Steph draws inspiration from Paramore, her songs are a unique mix of pop rock and indie on an acoustic guitar.

Each word was pronounced like a whisper, but magnified in the hallway? Stephanie effortlessly?reached every high note present in each song she played in the living room. Her fingers glided?along the keys of her grand piano, transitioning from one song to another without rest. The?family of puppies whined softly in separate room, as if begging to be let out so that they could?snuggle near her and enjoy her strong vocals that haunted the almost empty house in a sunny?afternoon.

Throwing herself into the musical world of black and white, she finally paused Chiobu?Collective tapped her shoulders. Even so, the sparkle in her eye didn?t scale back. Instead, her?eagerness to create music exploded in the shoot itself as her music seemed to take on a life of it?s?own.

Mesmerized by Stephanie?s magic, Chiobu Collective sat down to explore what sparked?Stephanie?s interest in singing.